Matt Bomer

Hi, all. I have recently discovered the USA show White Collar. USA has a history of awesome shows, such as Monk, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, and Psych. White Collar is no exception. I was watching Monk, and after it ended White Collar came on. At first, I was going to change the Channel. That is, until I saw this devilishly good-looking creature…

Hellooooo, hottie.

That big ball of cute is be Matthew Bomer, and needless to say, he captured my attention and I ended up watching the show, which also happened to  be the first episode.  The second and third episodes showed after that and I was sucked into the show, not just by the obvious eye candy, but by it’s interesting plot and characters. Matt plays Neal Caffrey, an extremely intelligent con-man who escapes from prison with only four months left on his sentence to find his ex-girlfriend, who he believes is in trouble. When he is recaptured, he strikes up a deal with agent Burke to work for the FBI and help catch other criminals in exchange for his freedom (well, he wears an ankle bracelet, but it’s better than jail) and the rest is history. Season two of the show premiers this summer, so be sure to look for it!

You might also recognize Matt from his part as a reoccurring character (Bryce Larkin) on the  TV show “Chuck” or from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.”  You can find his complete filmography  at IMBD. But for now, enjoy the shirtless wonder below.

Ooo la la

You’re welcome.

<3Dangerously lovely


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