Don’t know what to get your guy for Christmas? Here are some gift ideas for the BF!

Girls, we’ve all been there. Maybe you know your guy inside and out and still have some trouble with what to get him, or maybe you’ve started dating someone new and you’re really struggling. Here are a few fool-proof ideas on what to get your special someone.

1. Something Cozy

It’s winter; unless your man is a freak who likes to freeze (and if he is, no offense), you can’t go wrong with something warm and snuggly.

For example, these O’Hanlon Mills Moccasins from Urban Outfitters are super comfy and come in five different colors (reviews on the site say they run a little large- order a size down)! At only $28 they’re a steal. Pair them with some silly or snuggly socks for the perfect gift combo!

Also check out the always classic American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie. It’s super soft and comes in tons of colors, so you’ll definitely find one that he’ll love.

2. Something Unforgivingly Manly (And Hilarious)

I don’t know how your man feels about his facial hair, but mine isn’t pleased with his. Perhaps these mustache mirror decals will cheer him up! Damn, will he look dapper or what?

While we’re on the subject of manly gag gifts, why not throw in something… bacony? Yes, this bacon scented soap will have your guy smelling delicious in no time. Maybe his car needs some help, too.

Last but not least, what could be manlier than making your own beer? Check out this beer making kit from Fred Flare.

3. Something Nerdy

Almost every guy is a little nerdy; cater to his geeky side with one of these nerdy gifts.

Basic nerd gear includes everything Star Wars. What could be better suited for a nerd than this hilarious How To Speak Wookiee book? It’s filled with great illustrations of different wookiee-speak scenarios and even has a little speaker that allows you to hear Wookiee sounds. Awesome, right?

For something a little cuddlier, try GIANTmicrobes plush toys. All your favorite microscopic maladies, critters, and venereal diseases are available in large plush form (they’re actually super cute, btw)!

What would this nerdy selection be without a little Minecraft (if your boyfriend doesn’t know what this is, you should probably just ignore this whole section)? ThinkGeek has some super cool Minecraft Sheet Magnets. Clever, eh?

4. Something That’s Actually For A Kid (But Is Still Really Cool)

If there’s something we’ve stereotyped all guys as, it’s immature. But hey, what’s wrong with that? Show your guy you’re okay with him being a kid again every once in a while. Who knows- maybe you’ll want to join in!

Now, the obvious gift here is Nerf Guns. You can find a huge selection on Amazon.

Really though, kids these days have some awesome toys at their disposal. The other day the BF and I came across a little something called Glow Crazy. Basically, you draw on this glow in the dark thing with a laser pen. We were stoked.

Another thing that caught my eye recently is the Air Swimmers RC Flying Sea Life toy. Seriously, how cool are these things? They’re big remote controlled fish that fly! He’ll have tons of fun playing with it and terrorizing his cat (I recommend the shark).

Want to really take him back to his childhood? Try a hot wheels track. I bet he hasn’t owned one of those for a while. He’s sure to love it!

5. Something He’ll Look Great In

Ladies, if you love to dress your man, or if he’s running out of stuff to wear, these gift ideas are sure to please.

You can never go wrong with a nice button down. Whether it’s a plaid AE flannel or an UO Oxford, he’s sure to look good in it.

If you’re feeling a little more daring and willing to splurge, check out the handsome D Collection Berlin Jacket from Urban Outfitters. At $178 it’s pretty pricey, but boy, oh boy, does it look good on a man. Mama likes.

Last but not least, we’ve all seen the classic boat shoe. Some people are vehemently against this preppy staple or think it’s just too overdone. Personally, I think it just needs a little upgrade, which is exactly what you get with these Polo Ralph Lauren Sander Canvas Boat Shoes. The young colors and fabric give us a much needed break from those typical Sperry Top-Siders while still keeping it classy.

I hope these ideas have helped to ease your pain while making stressful gift giving decisions! Look for some of these things while you’re out shopping early Friday morning. Good luck!


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